Chinese Interior Design: A Tranquil Look For A Fast-Paced Lifestyle

Today’s world is a fast-paced one. This is why many homeowners want to build their homes around the concept of serenity and tranquility. Chinese interior design is one such interior. It can help create a peaceful habitat allowing an escape from the seemingly, never-ending rush.

Chinese Interior Design

Chinese Interior Design

Any Asian theme can accomplish this look but it is the Chinese design that is most renown. Chinese people have a way of ushering in balance and harmony into their lives so it is no surprise that they have incorporated this to their homes. You need, precision, care and clarity in order to do away with any unwanted additions.

The Chinese Design Core

The fundamentals of Chinese style are all about the correct fusion oriental décor and themes. This style is dominated by an oriental influence which dates centuries ago. With a little creativity, you can incorporate these ancient, tantalizing elements in your home while preserving the modern vibe.

The perfect backdrop for Chinese interior design is any color that depicts nature. More often than not, the decorations are a replica of scenic landscapes and the most beautiful natural colors.

Sometimes, all it takes is a hint of vivid color. The most popular misconception about Chinese style is that it always comes in shades of red, gold and other such bright colors. But there is much more to this design than vibrant colors.

To those who want a more calm, neutral setup, then you can use lovely shades of pink such as cherry blossoms. Rich purple colors can also be considered as are ravishing red hues.

To achieve a mystical look, you can use subtle hues of black. To create a spellbinding backdrop, use any neutral color then combine with golden tones. This can become the wall to a majestic room (preferably the living room). The great news is that gold is a timeless color yet you can also use it to make a trendy statement.

When trying to achieve the Chinese style, make sure that you do not forget about balance. This is something that you will come across time and again as balance is the defining feature of any Asian theme. Achieve harmony, not just in your choice of colors, but also in applying different textures.

Having a home made of a big block of concrete means you need to add some glass partitions, wooden floors, natural stone décor, bamboo blinds, and some more organic features that have rich textures.

To create equilibrium in your Chinese style-inspired home, be sure to install some water features. The very sound of flowing water is known to establish harmony as can the practice of Feng Shui.

The smallest water features can make a huge difference in your home. Place a small, tabletop fountain, for instance, in your living area. The entrance room – as you would observe many Chinese homes – should always have a water feature or two. Water features bring in an element of fluidity, they can easily become the focal point in any room.

Talking of Feng Shui, it is also important to de-clutter your home. This is fundamental in ensuring harmony and positive energy inside the home. You must also hire someone to position the furniture pieces correctly. Free passage must be maintained throughout your home as you also achieve to separate the rest and work areas.

Mirrors will always play an important role in Feng Shui. These are believed to reflect positive energy as they also prevent the flow of negative energy throughout your home. But what is a Chinese interior design without any paper lantern? Cap your design project with the right lighting.

Lighting is that single interior design aspect that can make a huge difference, visually. Lanterns can accentuate the theme or they can be the main features of the room.

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